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Candle save

If you want to extend your candle’s durability then watch my video and read this text.

Procedure: At first take a wax-candle, a glass of water, a piece of sponge-wood and a little amount of metal wire. Then the piece of sponge-wood and the wax-candle should be placed in a water-filled glass in such a way so that the candle and the sponge-wood can stand properly in the water. But keep in mind one thing that the candle does not sink completely or bend in the water. Due to the water the candle will not overheat.

Now ignite the wax-candle. After sometime you will notice that the candle is lasting five or six times more than its usual longevity. Therefore, a candle which is supposed to last only for 3 hours can last 15 or 18 hours more. This inconceivable fact is because the wax-candle burns first due to its own flame but if the Sponge-wood formula is applied, maximum portion of the candle stays inside the water level. Since water absorbs heat, the candle does not get overheated. So the candle will burn less than usual because of the comparatively less heat generated in this Sponge-wood system.

If you want to use a candle 5 or 6 times more than usual durability you can adopt this technique. Thank you for following my tips.

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